Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sundial glowing along

Warren Young and Pat Durrell have worked together to set the north alignment, and riverstones have been poured around the base. A final tweaking needs to be done for the `equation of time', an adjustment they will make around the end of August/ September 1, but at the moment it is only off a small amount. Once the final corrections are in place, people will be able to use the sundial to find the correct time to within a few minutes!

It has been suggested that the ceremonial  unveiling take place during the first week of university classes but this is not definite. The plaque is complete and will be installed just before the dedication ceremony.

Anyone can use the sundial, please stop by and read the time - and admire this beautiful piece of sculpture - what wonderful work, Tony Armeni!

The sunlight writing the Roman numerals in the oxidized patina really makes the figures glow! See the photo below...

And the shadows cast by the parts of the dial onto the pavement are graceful and fascinating - especially "the arrow of time" intersecting the shadow (always just over your shoulder, behind you like your shadow).  And lastly, Rick's garlic bulbs are busily propagating, sowing their tiny hard bulblets about.

Many more views can be seen at this set on Flickr - click here.

View as a slide show - click here .